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Our Service allows you to send a custom Graffiti Design to someone special. It's the Perfect Way to express yourself and make someone's day.

Send a personalized design.

Our Award-Winning Tag Gift Service, from Custom Themes to Ornamental Designs, allows you to create a Unique and Customized Graffiti Tag for Family, Friends, and Loved Ones.

Choose from a variety of Colors.

With our variety of colors, you can create a Design that matches your loved one's personality and demeanor.

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Friend, Fellow Professional, and Expert, this man has consistently made life easier for me through his dedication to excellent work. I would willingly recommend Miquiel to anyone I know.

Michael Marks

Director/Writer of the Critically-Acclaimed Film, Angel of Hate

Basic Tags

Ornamental Tags

Advanced Tags (Themed Tags)

NOTE: The above Tags are Featured in the 2023 Hip Hop Studies Summit Community Exhibition (Chaffey College)

Miquiel did an exceptional job in editing the pitch deck for my documentary series, NO ADDRESS. It was professionally done with a quick turnaround time and now ready to market to the film industry. I highly recommend his company in handling any of your marketing needs!

Caletta Harris


Reel2Real Productions

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How do I join the Monthly Tag Giveaway?

Sign up on the Form (above) and every month, I ask AI to select two names for tags. After that, I will reach out to you with the information (Who, When, When, Where).

Are there any Negatives or issues with your Tags?

My tags are Hip Hop-Themed and highly original, so if you're looking for safe, boring, and regular gifts, then these tags are not for you.

How do your tags compare to other gifts?

My tags are Original, Hand-Drawn by Natural Intelligence, and Customized via your instructions.

Again, if you want something like Hallmark Cards or something designed for the Status Quo, then my tags are not for you.

What everyone is saying about your Tags?

My tags have been getting rave reviews for decades and below, is a screenshot of a Special Person. This is Tay and he got the FIRST TAG done in Charlotte North Carolina. As you can see from his smile and energy exuding from him, Tay is TURNED UP!

Tay and his Tag done in Charlotte NC

And here is a close-up image of his Tag . . .

About The Tag Service

What is your Sales Pitch?

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Questions about Tags

What is a Tag?

Tagging is an art form that began in Early Hip Hop.

I AM NOT from New York, I am from ATL, so this is what we did in the early 80s.

Many of my friends chose to be literal and spray-painted walls and many of them went to jail.

For me, it was the art form that was inspiring, not being seen.

Now, I am sharing my gifts with you to make your life better.

What are your Tag sizes?

My Tags come in one size:

- 11 x 17

Questions about MB, Graffiti, and Early Hip Hop

Is Tagging a form of Graffiti?

Graffiti is a form of writing or drawing, done as a form of artistic expression.

It ranges from simple words to elaborate set designs.

However, with the advent of modern technology, graffiti may also include elaborate staged worlds and "digital worlds."

My tags range from simple names up to elaborate themes (Abha Butterfly and Grass Theme, Cory Alleyway Theme, and Ryan Candy Cane, Christmas, Coke, and Bird Theme).

What's a Tag versus a Theme?

A Tag is simply a word and it can range from one word to many words. However, it is OFTEN one or two words.

A Theme is when the artwork captures either a mood, a moment, or particular unified idea/concept.

For example, the Abha Butterfly and Grass Theme is a theme based around a "Nature Setting."

The Cory Alleyway Theme captures a "Moment" in an alleyway.

These two pieces showcase different ideas about Themes.

However, the very complicated and complex art piece (Ryan Candy Cane, Christmas, Coke, and Bird Theme) has 4 themes mashed together and blending into a beautiful design.

It would be within reason to call the Ryan piece an advanced "mash-up" Theme.

What got you interested in Graffiti?

There was no divine force or mystical energy or commandment from God that got me into Graffiti.

When Hip Hop started in ATL in the early 80s, there were six elements.

The six elements were Rapping, Beatboxing, DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, and Yeeking.

When we started, we were all encouraged to do EVERYTHING.

So I chose 5 (all except DJing) and I continued doing Graffiti into my adulthood.

It was fair ground for all teens and many started, but all of them stopped participating when they grew up and became adults.

If you are inspired by this site, I suggest you start doing this on your own and participate in the Hip Hop Culture.

You don't need permission or acceptance.

If you want to do graffiti, go get some supplies and a pad and go to work Shawdy!

What do I need to get started?

All you need is inspiration, imagination, and a desire to participate.

Don't ever compare yourself to others, graffiti is a distinct and individual art form and fortunately, it has NOT BEEN TAINTED by money like the other pillars of Hip Hop.

Go grab some supplies and paper and TURN UP!

I STRONGLY SUGGEST you avoid the spray paint route because many times, these people get LOCKED UP and put in JAIL.


With a pad and supplies, you can draw and capture whatever worlds you see in your imagination.


Many artists began in graffiti, but after they got famous, they will NEVER ADMIT that's where they started.

Don't worry about them, graffiti dates back to Ancient Kemet.

If it's good enough for Kemet, then it's good enough for me shawdy!

How do I know if I'm good at Graffiti?

There is only ONE RULE in Hip Hop - NEVER EVER EVER Copy or Steal!


If it speaks to your soul, by all means, grab a pad and supplies and get to work shawdy!

When you first start, it may seem like you're copying, but continue on your journey.

As you move to higher levels, you'll eventually gain your own style.

As you make progress, the HATERS will come out in droves to put you down, don't worry about them.

 They'll complain about why you do something and then, after you make it, they'll clap and say there's nothing like you in the world.

Don't believe them!

You do graffiti because it's a part of your soul and you are "called" to do the work.

The minute you allow money and fame to enter the artform, then you fall victim to your EGO.

I managed to turn my graffiti into an income stream and I promise you, if you continue, you will find your path and create wondrous and wonderful pieces in your near future.

Remember, there's ONLY ONE YOU and the work you do, it's yours. So stop worrying about others and worry about the only person that counts - YOU!

If you like your work, then keep doing it.

And if you don't like it, keep doing it and you will eventually satisfy your hardest critic - YOURSELF.

 Good Luck Shawdy!

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Miquiel was and continues to be an innovative and dynamic problem-solver and critical thinker. He is an exceptional writer, a diligent colleague, and a dependable resource for innovative solutions to complex problems.

John Paz

Content Design Manager

Menlo Security Inc.

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A Note from our Founder

I started doing Graffiti Tags in English Class in the 9th Grade at Roosevelt High School (1985).

Since then, I have spent several decades doing Graffiti Tags and the Hard Work has finally paid off.

Four of my Tags have been featured in the 2023 Hip Hop Studies Summit Community Exhibition (Chaffey College).

I am honored to grace the Summit with my Tags and again, it is a Testament to the Power of Mother Hip Hop and how she bestows gifts upon us all.

Please join the Waiting List as I gather my Resources for the Launch of my New Tagging Service, Do My Name.

May the Angels walk with you IN ALL WAYS and FOR ALWAYS. . .

Be safe and Stay Blessed Up Shawdy,

Miquiel Banks

The Hip Hop Evangelist

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